Sandstone paving ideas you should consider

If you are considering decorating the outside of your home you may have already thought about using sandstone paving. Sandstone is a naturally occurring material which is known for its strength and durability. It is also the first choice of most decorators because it is low maintenance and does not require a great deal of effort to look good. Paving materials like concrete or porcelain which may require regular upkeep, however sandstone doesn’t require you to do much.

Another reason why people prefer sandstone as a paving material is the variety of colors and hues which is easily available. It can be available from a Sandy brown to almost pure whitish beige color. It can even be used to mix and match the different hues to create interesting landscape designs.

There are many ideas for sandstone paving which you can take inspiration from. Sandstone pavers have a rich texture. Make sure that you incorporate the following sandstone paving ideas to make the most of your outdoor space.

Sandstone paving ideas

  • The ultimate sand stone paving which is always in style and is classical is the use of natural brown colored sandstone blocks. These can be used to line your pool area to give it an interesting look. It is not only aesthetic but can also prevent the area around the pool from getting too slippery. The rough texture of sandstone prevents it from staying wet for a long time.
  • Sand stone pavers can also be use around your shrubs and trees to create a separate landscape from the grass. It adds a distinctive appeal to your garden. You can plant your shrubs and flower beds inside the paving so that these do not run into the grass to create an untidy look.
  • While you are looking for sandstone paving ideas you should also consider the different colors in which these pavers are available. It should be kept in mind that blue stone and brown stone are also kinds of sandstone. These are called a different name mainly because they are a different color. Streaks and splashes of color found in the sandstone blocks can be attributed to the presence of other minerals inside it. Since sand stone is naturally occurring it is common that it is filled with other minerals which give off its distinctive colors.
  • In order to create an interesting design you can take uneven shaped sand stone blocks and place them around the patio for a rustic look. You could  instill a fireplace and have the walls covered with sand stone blocks for a quaint and charming look.

Sand stone pavers are quiet a tough and durable material. However the texture of these pavers is such that despite the durability these are quite easy to work with. Sand stone pavers do not simply need to be restricted to your gardens but in fact these can be used inside your homes as well. Make sure you talk to a professional landscaping artist from KLS Sandstone to make the most of the sand stone pavers.

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