Simple ways to create a perfect home remodelling plan

Custom home renovations can give your home a whole new look. However, the process requires the utmost attention to detail at each step. Otherwise, your work may end-up half-baked.

Do not forget that it will cost you a lot of time and a lot of labour. To avoid wastage, it is vital to set a budget and timeline for each step, and hence the whole process. While hiring an expert to design, budget, and plan may be the safest option, it will cost you a considerable sum of money. But here is a simple home remodelling plan to help you renovate your home in Brisbane.


The most crucial aspect of this stage is ensuring you have enough money. So have a budget, which estimates the amount of money you need. Beyond that, ensure that you add about 10 to 20% of the total budget as a contingency. Write a list of all necessary items, and those might be of help. Find the average cost of each one of them and make a tally. Labour may cost you 20-40% of your total budget. You may do some remodelling, but others require professional knowledge. Write down what you can do, and subtract from the total cost.


You can do some demolition yourself, but you need to exercise caution by following the safety precautions. Otherwise, hire a professional to do the demolitions.  Be there to instruct there the exact points you want to customise.

Framing, Drywall, and Painting

Before addressing this step, you need to update your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. This should be done by a professional. Hang sheets of drywall, apply the drywall compound, and let it dry. After that, sand it to achieve a seamless surface. If you hire a contractor, they can also construct new walls and add support beams. Else, once the drywall is smooth, paint it. If you have the skills, paint the wall yourself. But if you need clean and professional work, hire a pro.

Cabinets and Fixtures

Fixtures and cabinets are one way of bringing new design into your home. Since it is a custom home renovation, you decide where to place the fittings. If you get an interior designer, you can get a more professional look. However, your taste and preferences matter too. Bathtubs, cabinetry, toilets, showers, sinks, and toilets are some of the things you need to install.

You can get a little creative. Find the latest and trending custom designs for each room in your home.

Doors and Windows

Windows and doors seem so obvious, but they need professional fitting. Look, you’ll need to ensure that your doors and windows can open and close without hindrance. For the laminate floor, install them after you’ve hung the doors.

Cleaning the House and Air Vents

Use a dumpster to collect all the debris within your house. Of course, some grime and debris will need vacuuming or sweeping. Sadly, the dust gets into places you can’t reach, and it may be a lot of dust. And if it gets into the air vents, it can drastically affect ventilation. Therefore, it is vital to get professional cleaning services.


Flooring should be the last step. Typically, custom home renovations in Brisbane understand that flooring last eliminates chances of scrapping, nicking, or getting damaged.

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